So the first several days of the Mac app being out have been wonderful. I’m a huge fan of the new Mac App Store–I think it’s great as a developer (and as a customer–I’ve found some awesome apps that I’m not sure how I lived without!)

I’ve gotten some great initial feedback and plan on immediately incorporating some of the features being suggested. The first major thing I want to do is make the app (specifically the timers) accessible from the menu bar (as an option). The idea is to sit in the top right corner as an icon, allowing you to start/stop timers, etc, and maybe a few other quick actions.

I’m also working on a sync method that will keep records in sync across the various devices running TimeTag (iPhone/iPad and Mac). It will most likely be using a cloud storage solution such as Dropbox and eventually MobileMe and other major providers. This will allow the feature to be free for users, instead of requiring yet another login + a monthly fee for storage of records.

Just as with the iOS version of TimeTag, the Mac version has lots of room to grow and definitely will. I’m excited about working to make it the ultimate time tracking tool for the app store, all while keeping its simplicity and ease of use intact.

For those of you interested in the various versions of the app, here are some links below:

TimeTag for iOS

TimeTag for Mac

As always, if you have any ideas or comments, please feel free to contact me in one of these ways:




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